I turn to my coworker & I tell her that I think my job is making me stupider.

It’s been bothering me all morning. I used to discuss literary theory with forceful fervor, and know what I was talking about. I wrote a thesis for fucks sake that was over a hundred pages long and included words like solipsism and antithetical and they just fell out of my brain and onto the keyboard, I didn’t have to TRY. I was curious, I absorbed things, I shot things right back out and I yearned for more.

I have been feeling a bit deadened recently, almost like my mind is numb. In this ad industry we work in, cleverness & creativity & “smart work” is lauded like a high school letter jacket, but in reality, when it really comes down to it, we’re dumbing down our work to the dumbest level of the status quo to the point where you’re not even thinking truly intelligently any more. Think about the intelligence factor of most ads on television. I guess it’s pop culture. Because as ads, we want to be part of it, not on the sidelines of it. It’s Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs that makes CNN’s top headlines. And so we go with the flow, which is currently flowing towards twerking. I’m just as guilty of loving that as much as Pynchon’s newest masterpiece, which I incidentally bought on a whim for my kindle out of a desire to be less stupid on a daily basis. NPR podcasts also included in the plan. Let’s see how long that lasts until I see another “Wrecking Ball” parody (if I’m boring you with my rambling, check out this and this, it’ll be far more entertaining than my WPP).

But back on track. My sister sent me an article this morning by Susan Sontag entitled “Notes on ‘Camp'” – and goddammit if I didn’t have to look up three words in the dictionary by the time I got to the third paragraph. Pathetic & embarrassing. 

One of these words is “ineffable” which I personally feel is a fantastic word and I can’t believe I haven’t been using it my entire adult life. It sums up my feelings about many things. It is an adjective meaning: “too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.” Fucking amazing right? Where has that word been all of my life?

So I also tell coworker about this word, because, when you have a cubemate at the office you pretty much tell her every trivial detail about your life.

She leans back in her chair and says: “Well, go ahead and use it, but it just sounds like someone you can’t fuck.”